Shima awarded March student of the month

Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  Shogo Shima, ‘21 was recently announced student of the month for March.

   Shima, new to the school, he is a foreign exchange student from Brazil, in the northern part of the state in Para. Shima was raised in a neighborhood called called Amazonas, a city called Manaus in the Amazon forest. He will be staying in The United States until June 20th.

  “I decided to become a foreign exchange student because my brother did it last year and I really wanted to go. It’s a unique experience and I think it’s so cool living in a totally different culture than I am used to,” expressed Shima.

Shima is in the tenth grade here in The United States, but has already finished the grade in Brazil. Shima was nominated by history teacher Nicole Rakozy.

  “I chose Shogo because he really demonstrates what it means to be a global citizen, and someone that is here to learn and grow as a student,” expressed Rakozy.

  When choosing a student to nominate for student of the month there are things that have to stick out to the teachers in order for them to feel they deserve this nomination.

  “I look for the kids that are excited about class, and bring everything they have to the table on a discussion or even just class work,” said Rakozy.

  When finding out Shima won, so many thoughts and confusion went through his mind.

  “I was very confused when I found out I won student of the month. I knew there was such a thing called student of the month, but I was sure it was almost impossible for me to win,” stated Shima.

Shima mentioned that he was very excited and happy when he won but suspected there were more winners besides him.

  “Being new to Lakeview, I thought at least three people won not only one out of the whole school, when it was just me down in the office telling me I won, I didn’t know how to react,” expressed Shima.

  Shima was overall thrilled to hear he won. He was then provided lunch and a certificate for his winnings.

  “For lunch one day I get to choose a sandwich from Jimmy John’s; they then bring it into the school for me to enjoy during my lunch period,” said Shima.

   Congrats Shogo!