March madness is here

March madness is here

Owen Greiner, Staff Writer

  March Madness tips off Thursday, Mar. 21 as 64 teams will all fight to be named champion.

  Number one seeds: North Carolina finished off the season with a record of 27-6 overall and 16-2 in their conference. They have Colby White bringing the ball down court and fast, making them the fifth fastest team in college basketball. They also have Cam Johnson, who is very good from the three-point line.

  Virginia finished the season with a overall record of 29-3, which was the best record in the ACC but a record in conference of 16-2. Even though the team lost in the first round last year, this year they are way more efficient with the ball. They have less possessions to show per game, but they are more efficient with them scoring on most and giving opposing teams less time with the ball.

  Gonzaga finished with an overall of 30-3 and a conference record of 16-0, but they play in the West coast conference, which is debatably the worst conference in college basketball. The team is still very good, but their competition isn’t the best. The team is lengthy and can shoot the ball pretty efficiently.

  Duke finished their season overall with a record of 29-5 and a in conference record of 14-4, with two of those loss coming to other number one seed North Carolina. Duke is the favorite to win with odds of 5-1. With three players projected to go in the top ten of the NBA draft, this team is absolutely stacked!

  Lakeview students believe Duke has this one in the bag.

  “Most teams only have one maybe two superstars on their team not three projected to go in the top ten of the draft, so if a team does have a good match for R.J Barrett, they won’t really have anyone to match up with Cam Reddish, or most importantly Zion Williamson,” said junior Ethan Winiarski.

  The school fan favorite teams are Michigan and Michigan State. Michigan and Michigan State are both two seeds for the tournament, but Michigan has to play the favorite to win the tournament (Duke) before Michigan does. Michigan State would have to play Duke in the Elite Eight and Michigan would have to in the final four.

“Even though I think Michigan State is better than Michigan, Michigan state has a tougher road in the tournament than Michigan does,” said junior Jaeden Valadez.

  Murray State is a sleeper team, although they aren’t seeded very high, they’re are a very good coached, and disciplined team. Their main player is Ja Morant. In their first March Madness game he had a triple double with 17 points 16 assists and 11 rebounds. They played well as a team, beating Marquette 83 to 64.

  Oregon is also a sleeper team. Oregon finished the season 23-12 and in conference of 10-8. The only thing that is making them a sleeper is that their star center Bol Bol is hurt. But the team can still shoot pretty well and they can finish around the basket.

  Florida won their first round tournament game against Nevada. Their season record was 20-15 and in conference of 9-9. Florida is pretty average on defense but can turn it up on offense.

  Finally Washington finished the season 26-8 and in conference of 15-3. Their team is pretty aggressive on defense and are pretty effective on the offense side of the ball and can shoot the three pretty well.

  Even though there are favorites to win the tournament, upsets are likely to happen… that’s why it’s called March Madness!