Loughlin accused of potentially bribing her children into colleges


Aili Mayfield, Staff Writer

  Within the last week, several celebrities have been caught for bribing colleges to accept their children into Ivy-league universities. Laura Loughlin, otherwise known as Aunt Becky from the beloved television series “Full/Fuller House”, is amongst these stars. She is one of the most well-known celebrities facing these charges. More formally stated, Loughlin is being charged with paying bribes.  

  Loughlin supposedly paid over $500,000 to get her children into these colleges. She made sure her daughter, Olivia Jade, made the rowing team, even though she had never rowed before in her life. This is how Jade got into the University of Southern California, leaving her mother with felonies regarding her daughter’s acceptance to the University.

  Obviously, there are several accounts and thoughts regarding this topic on social media, but actual students have their own thoughts on this topic.

  Students at Lakeview can almost all agree that this is unfair and unacceptable.

  “Even if my family had a ton of money, this is something I would never do. It’s illegal, first of all, and I’d know I’m potentially messing up someone’s future. That doesn’t sit right with me,” explained Brendan Hicks, ‘21.

  Students believe that there should definitely be some form of a punishment for those involved with the scandal.   

  “Parents should be punished for sure, because that’s has got to be fraud to some degree. I think colleges should be too, considering they’re taking bribes. As far as the kids go, it’s a bit of a gray area. It would probably depend on how much of a role they played in it. If the kids played an active role in it, then they should be punished,” Hicks said.

  Loughlin is facing several punishments which could include jail time, and heavy. As of right now, however, Loughlin has been dropped from her current television shows.

  Most students would rather work hard and truly deserve and achieve something, rather than just buying their into something.

  “It would feel terrible to have an opportunity taken away from me just because someone’s parents were famous, or had influence over a school. There are people who are less fortunate than others, who work their butts off for the most of their academic lives to even be considered for colleges, so to have someone waltz pass them with minimal effort seems wrong,” described Michael Franklin, ‘19.

  Hicks completely agrees with Franklin.

  “It is one thing to lose a spot to someone who deserves it as much or more than you. It’s a totally different thing if they have done nothing to prove they deserve that spot, or scholarship, or whatever else. Hard work pays off,” Hicks Stated.

  Hard work and perseverance should always be more valid than money. The reward is way greater, and there is no way for anyone to call fraud on that.