Lebron passes Jordan for 4th in all-time points

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Lebron passes Jordan for 4th in all-time points

Owen Greiner, Staff Writer

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  On Wednesday, Mar. 5, Lebron James passed Michael Jordan for fourth on the NBA all-time scoring list.

  Lebron scored his 32,293 point to pass Jordan on a lay-up drawing a foul and shooting a foul shot in Wednesday game against the Denver Nuggets.

  Lebron is now 4th in all-time points, and is only behind Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, and the all-time leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387).

  Lebron now leads Jordan in all-time points, assists, rebounds, and has a better shooting percentage.

  Thus the question, is Lebron better than Michael?  Many Lakeview students do not think so.

  “Jordan is still better than Lebron, even though Lebron is leading Jordan in all-time points, Jordan has more championships than Lebron,” junior Noah Stanley shared.

  Many students cite that Jordan has more rings than Lebron and that’s what makes him better. But, many other players have more rings than Jordan, like Bill Russell, who has 12 rings, Samuel Jones with 10, and Robert Horry with seven.

  “Most of the players who have more rings than Jordan played in such a different era than Jordan did. Eight of the nine players who have more rings than Jordan all played on the same team with a dominant Bill Russell. Robert Horry, who is the only person who did not play on Bill Russell’s team, played on three different championship teams, and on all three he wasn’t the star player but more of a role player,” argued junior Evan Rochon.

  Even though a lot of students think Jordan is still better than Lebron, some think (with this milestone) that Lebron has passed Jordan.

  “Lebron has now more all-time points on fewer shots than Jordan, Lebron also has more all-time assists, rebounds, and a better career shooting percentage. Not only does Lebron lead Jordan in those categories but, Lebron plays/played harder opponents, a team with five all-stars, Jordan never had to go against,” said junior Ethan Winiarski.

  In conclusion, there’s no real way to compare these players to see who is the best of all time, considering they both did play in different eras of basketball, but they are both the best of their generation and are players that are very special to watch and see perform.

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