Luke Perry dies after suffering a massive stroke


Erica Beckstrom, Staff Writer

  On Mar. 4, esteemed actor Luke Perry died five days after having a stroke. As news of his stroke quickly spread across the internet, colleagues and fans took to social media apps, such as Twitter and Instagram, to send their love and prayers to Perry and his family.

  Perry was just fifty-two years old when he had the stroke, thus making his passing even more tragic. Although Perry’s death was sudden and heartbreaking, fans and fellow actors paid tribute to his long and successful acting career that spanned across generations.

  In 1966, Luke Perry was born in Fredericktown, Ohio, and he moved to Hollywood when he was just eighteen years old. He took work where he could find it in order to pay for acting classes that would eventually pay off. Finally, in 1989 Perry landed the role of bad boy, Dylan McKay, in the show Beverly Hills, 90210. Perry soon evolved into the next teen heartthrob, and his acting career became even more successful than he had expected. After the hit show ended in 2000, Perry continued to pursue roles in movies and other shows. His first role on the big screen was as the character Ray Ray in Scorches.

  Today, Perry was most known for his role in the hit CW show Riverdale as Fred Andrews, the loving and protective father of Archie Andrews, played by actor KJ Apa. Perry’s ability to transfer smoothly from television to movies solidified his career and helped him become the actor that he is.

  Since Perry was a genuinely kind and high spirited man, it is clear why his loss is heartbreaking to everyone who knew him on and off the screen. After news of his death was released, Riverdale star and close friend of Perry, Lili Reinhart took to Twitter and said, “I’m finding it hard to grasp that he will no longer be around to give long hugs and share his wisdom and kindness with us. I just can’t believe it.”

  The cast of Riverdale has paid their tributes to Perry and continues to send their love to his fiance and children. Actor KJ Apa, kept his sentiments to Perry short and to the point on Instagram, with a simple “Rest in Love bro.”

  Besides his friends and family, Perry’s death also affected the staff and students at Lakeview. Teacher, Natalie Bowen, watched the show Beverly Hills, 90210 from beginning to end when she was a teenager.

 “I was upset and shocked when he died. He was so young and it scared me to realize that so many younger adults suffer from strokes.” The teen drama Riverdale is very popular among the students at Lakeview. When news of Perry’s death hit social media, students were still in school.

  Senior Alyssa Armento heard the news of his passing at the very end of class. “I was pretty upset. He’s been in so many different shows I have seen, and it was very unexpected. He will be greatly missed,” said Armento. Many teens today know Perry from his role on Riverdale and not Beverly Hills, 90210. His influence on different generations is a particular reason why is death was so impactful on the general public.

  With all the heartfelt tributes to Perry’s life and career, it is obvious that he will be missed and that his family and the acting community will need an abundance of time to recover from this loss.