Juniors prepare for the SAT in unique ways


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Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

  For juniors preparing to take the SAT on April 9, studying is necessary for their success.  Lakeview offers an SAT prep class for first semester, but also offers several after-school prep classes in the weeks leading up to the test.

  In addition to this, other students find new and inventive ways to prepare for the SAT. Junior Lindsey Wertenberger has already taken the SAT to prepare herself to retake it again later in the year.  Wertenberger took the SAT in November of last year, at Grosse Point North High School.

  “I decided that I wanted to take the SAT in the beginning of the school year, because I wanted to see the difference between the real test and all of the prep tests. I took it back in November in hopes of calming my nerves for taking it again in April,” stated Wertenberger.

  Junior Jessica Schneider is also getting prepared for the SAT in a unique way.  Schneider practices for the test by studying flashcards in her free time, and practicing mental math whenever possible.  She used multiple vocabulary websites to develop her flashcards, and studies large times tables to help eliminate the need for a calculator.

  “I did some quick Google searches for how I could study more, not just by my SAT prep book.  I found that flashcards for studying vocab quickly is really helpful, and practicing times tables so I can use a calculator less helps me a lot too,” stated Schneider.

  Another student, Nathan Wittenberg, has found that studying in groups helps him most, in addition to the prep tests and vocab studying.

  “A couple of friends and I get together every week or so, and we quiz each other on vocab. Sometimes we do the practice tests too, and we usually go out to eat somewhere while we study. I think it really helps me to work with others, because i’m able to focus a lot better,” stated Wittenberg.

  Schneider believes that no matter how you choose to study, you should do it often and in an effective manner.

  “I chose to waste time in the beginning of the year, and I really regret that. So now, I have to study harder, and I’d suggest to sophomores to start now, so you don’t get behind and overstressed,” stated Schneider.

  English teacher and SAT prep instructor Jennifer Findlay recommends that students follow both the SAT and College Board on social media to keep up with new tips and tricks on studying.

  “I would suggest following the SAT and College Board on Twitter, because they post tips, tricks, and daily questions,” stated Findlay.