Cobra Kai: Karate Kid reboot success- are other 80s reboots destined for the same?


Sam Sudney, Staff Writer

  YouTube Red’s Cobra Kai was officially announced to be debuting a second season on April 24 of this year. It’s been almost a year since the first season was released, and due to all the positive feedback from viewers, it’s not so much of a surprise to see another installment coming to the series.

  Cobra Kai is a sequel of the popular Karate Kid movies that released between 1986-2010. Cobra Kai takes place 34 years after the events featured in the movie. The premise of the series follows a washed up Johnny Lawrence, who seeks redemption by bringing back the infamous Cobra Kai dojo, which reignites his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso. The show is about both men addressing past struggles and present misfortunes the only way they know how- through karate.

  The fact that the series stays somewhat true to original lore is the main saving point for the series.

Old fans will love the returning cast of characters, and newer fans will like it being set in modern day.

  If Cobra Kai experienced so much success from just one season so far, what’s stopping other 80s classics from reemerging?

  “It’d be nice to see Full Metal Jacket make a modernized return…not in a series form, but changing the story by setting it in a more recent time. A remake would be nice to see,” explained Ben Dembinski, ‘21

  Not everyone would like to see a return of some beloved 80s classics though because of risks of tarnishing original movies. It’s a classic for a reason, meaning it shouldn’t be touched.

  “Sure it’d be nice to see some remakes of some 80s movies, but most remade films don’t always match up to the original…some even end up worse than usual,” expressed senior Evan Dubay.

  Remakes of The Thing or Robocop, didn’t receive much positive feedback. Reviews on Robocop claim, “Watered down for the multiplex crowd… so bland and asinine that it belongs on the Sci-Fi Channel. The wit, violence, and satire have been stripped away, and all that remains is a generic revenge story told in a PG-13 fashion.” (WhatCulture)

  The Truth of it is, despite remakes of some popular movies being a success, such as Mad Max: Fury Road with their 97% on rotten tomatoes. Not all 80s movies are meant to be remade, Cobra Kai just happened to be another successful reboot.