Top places to find the perfect prom dress of your dreams


Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  As prom is approaching on May 10, senior girls have been looking to find the perfect dress. In Metro-Detroit Michigan, there are places that have a range of dresses, from dark to all bright glittery colors. The perfect dress could be waiting in one of these stores.

  There are so many shops and little stores that can be found all over Michigan when looking for a dress. The stores that everyone goes to and that have the best reviews when looking for a dress are David’s Bridal: Wedding dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses & Prom Gowns, Women’s Fashion and Clothing (Windsor Store), and Camille La Vie.

  Windsor is one of the top dress stores in Michigan. This store is located at many local malls: Oakland, Lakeside, and Great Lakes crossing mall. Dresses are well priced, with great quality. Girls go here for variety of dresses: homecoming, graduation, and of course prom.

  “I ended up getting my dress at Windsor which is at Lakeside mall, it took me forever to decide which was best for me. My dress is Blue and has more of a flowy style to it. I absolutely love it,” said Libby Anderson, ‘19.

Another great place to go look for dress is at David’s Bridal. The closest store location is in Sterling Heights. David’s Bridal has a range of dress from wedding, bridesmaids, short, long, anything.

  “I got my dress at David’s Bridal, I thought it was just a place for wedding dresses, but it actually had so many prom dresses. I found the perfect dress and I love it so much,” stated Julianna Makhon, ‘19.

  This prom season has many different styles that all girls range from. Some girls enjoy flowy, more full dresses, while others may prefer tight mermaid dresses.

  Camille La Vie is one of the biggest dress and ball gown stores in Michigan. It is located at Great Lakes crossing. This is one place that for sure has all kind of style and colors. From plain to glittery, this is the store to go to.

  “I enjoy more of a tight style mermaid dress. All of my homecoming dresses were tight and short. For prom, I definitely will be looking for a long, tight dress. I went to Camille La vie and they had a lot of the styles I was looking for,” explained Emily Milatz, ‘19.

  These stores have so many dress but with prom approaching fast, the dresses become limited.

 “I went and got my dress early because I wanted people to know what my dress looked like. I tried showing all my friends so that they wouldn’t get the same dress as me, and so I can think about what I want to do with my hair and nails,” stated Makhon.

  Find your dress today before the one of your dreams is gone or already taken.