English III gets new book approved

English III gets new book approved

Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

  This school year, English teachers at Lakeview pushed to get the book Black and White, by Malorie Blackman, approved for classrooms.

  The book is about two teenagers from different worlds. The boy, Callum, is a nought- an inferior white citizen. While Sephy is a cross, and the daughter of a powerful man.   The two fall in love, and have to make their relationship work.

  English teacher, Jennifer Findlay, hoped the novel would be approved in order to help continue change the types of authors that are studied at Lakeview.

  “I thought it was important that we diversify our offerings in the English department because we don’t have any minority authors, except for Khaled Hosseini. And there are only two female authors, Harper Lee and Mary Shelley,” stated Findlay.

  The English department voted on several books before the school year started.  From there, it was approved by Lakeview’s principal, Scott Kapla.

  “It started with Mrs.Walker, who is a co-teacher in the English department. So she picked out a bunch of novels and read them, and made recommendations to the rest of the department,” stated Findlay.

  Junior Lauren Delmonte also enjoyed the book, and felt that the book was easy to understand, because the characters are close in age.

  “I enjoyed it because it was easy to understand their actions, because they were close in age with us and I also love stories that are sort of romantic.  It’s about two teenagers falling in love, but they can’t be together because they’re from two different worlds,” stated Delmonte.

  Students in Findlay’s class for second semester are already getting ready to read the newly added text.

  “I’m actually really excited to read the new book. I’ve heard that it’s really good, and a lot of kids end up liking it,” stated Gabrielle Degryse, ‘20.