Jefferson wrestling takes the mats

Jefferson wrestling takes the mats

Kyle Cichowski, Staff Writer

  On Monday, Feb. 18, the Jefferson Middle School Wrestling team finally resumes practice after a late start to the season. For most of these kids, this is their first year of a sport they aren’t so familiar with.

  “We’ve only had one meet after about three days of practice, and most of the kids won their matches,” said assistant coach Jacob Wyatt, ‘20. He also stated, “As long as they have good coaches, keep focused, and keep wanting to learn, they will do great things.”

  These young kids have quite the challenge this season, such as heavy conditioning and repetitive practices to prepare them for the rest of the season and their futures.

  Assistant coach, Shamar Askin, ‘20 said, “Getting their technique together and helping them maximize technique will definitely help them in the long run.”

  They all also have a reputation to upkeep in their future years which is that of their high schools and what they will have to prepare for.

  Askin also stated, “I think they will be good cause they all have plenty of time to learn and catch onto things.”

  The team as a whole feels pretty confident about their current capabilities and are ready to improve to go far together this season. They are all also ready as individuals to put in the work for themselves and their team.

  Askin said, “Right now they’re not the best they can be, but they can definitely get better.”

  Askin’s statement will imply that the kids need to start thinking seriously about the sport at a younger age than most young kids do, which will definitely help them overcome possible troubles and their opponents.

  Wyatt stated, “ There’s some kids who have a natural athletic ability and there’s some kids that are very technical.”
  As of right now,, the season is looking very promising for them as long as they keep up their mentality.