A student’s experience in the new Peer to Peer class


Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

  Junior, Brandon Ellavich, and Senior, Lorna Pinero, both take part of the Peer to Peer class, offered new this year.

  P2P has been created at Lakeview to provide for students who may need a little extra help in the classroom. It was designed to take a student, who does well on their own, and pairs them up with a student who needs more support. The student that needs more support may have any sort of special needs or learning disability, such as an Autistic Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder. All students are treated as equals and are respected like any other.

  This program also helps the student with special needs have a reliable friend in the class. They have someone to constantly rely on and use for a support system.

  Ellavich stated, “Lorna helps me in class and just makes sure I do what I need to do. I like having her there for support.”

  Pinero was paired up with Ellavich for his 3-4 block, English III. During this class period, she sits next to him, and assists him with anything he needs. She walks with him to his class in the hallway, and goes with him to the SAC room for any assignments or tests Ellavich gets.

  Pinero mentioned, “I think the Peer to Peer class is a really nice thing for kids with special needs to have. I think it really helps them feel more comfortable, knowing that they have someone there for them.”

  Jennifer Findlay, English teacher, has Ellavich and Pinero for her 3-4 block. She teaches the class everything she needs to and she can rely on Pinero to keep Ellavich caught up.

  Findlay expressed, “I do believe Brandon benefits from Lorna being in class with him. When there is down time and students are talking, he always has someone to talk to, and when he gets frustrated, Lorna can help diffuse some of that anger.”

 Overall, teachers and students are seeing positive outcomes with the Peer to Peer class. People can see that both sides of the pair are benefiting from the program in different ways. The student with special needs is gaining a reliable friend to trust in class, and the student taking the Peer to Peer class is learning how to truly help someone who may need a little extra support.