The Lakeview Choir goes to Festival

The Lakeview Choir goes to Festival

Erica Beckstrom, Staff Writer

  On Mar. 13, Lakeview’s select choir is performing at Stoney Creek High School for choir festival. During this event, school choirs from all across Michigan perform to be scored in front of a set of judges.

  Choir festival is composed of three stations where the students perform to receive ratings and constructive criticism. First, the select choir performs their songs in front of the judges and an audience. Then, they move into a room where a judge helps them fix their mistakes and informs them on what they need to work on for the next time. Lastly, the choir enters a room to sight read. This is when they are handed a sheet of music to review for only a few minutes, and then perform it to the best of their ability for another rating. Since 2016, the Lakeview select choir has received high enough ratings to go to States, the next step in the national competition, twice in a row. Last year, the choir received a level one rating at States, which is the highest score.

  It is no surprise that earning high ratings takes a lot of work and dedication. The students must push themselves to improve their singing, and explore new genres of music to perform. In addition, the choir students need to study their own parts before they can come together as a group. Everyone must pull their own weight and work as a team.

  The director of Lakeview’s Select Choir, Jodi Thompson, works very hard to make sure her students are prepared for festival. She begins every class by having her students do vocal warm ups, and she makes it her goal to pick music pieces her choir will like and be motivated to sing. Thompson enjoys teaching choir and puts much of her energy towards motivating her students and teaching them to read and love music.

  “I love teaching choir because it is a nice way to break up my day, since I teach band as well. Since I grew up playing instruments and singing, it has always been my dream to teach both, so I am very happy,” expressed Thompson.

  Since choir festival occurs shortly after the second semester starts, the choir does not have very long to practice their music. They must be focused and dedicated in order to obtain a high rating and go to states.

  Fiona Smigiel, ‘19 said, “I enjoy festival because I like hearing the final product of all our hard work. It is a very fun experience, and I like singing for people who I know will enjoy it.”

  The Lakeview Select Choir has not had a low score in four years, so it is clear that their hard work pays off. With this year’s choir festival right around the corner, Lakeview’s Select Choir is working extra hard to make sure they achieve their goal of returning to States.