Lakeview swim team flies their way to division championship this year


Ben Dembinski, Staff Writer

  On Feb. 23, the Lakeview boys swim team competed in the Macomb Area Conference (MAC) Blue Division swim meet. The boys ended up winning by over 100 points, which by scoring standards equals about five first place races. In addition to win the boys took home over 30 medals, awards for placing top 6 in each event.

  Sophomore Aiden Boldt won the swimmer of the meet, the award for scoring first place in all of his events.

  Coach Tracy Kalinowski stated ,”It’s really fun because I’m really competitive.”  Kalinowski continued,”It’s an honor to move up two divisions and continue to win.”

 In the 2017-18 season, the boys dominated the MAC silver division meet, so to get more of a challenge they moved up to the Blue Division.

 When asked about himself, sophomore Aiden Boldt said,” I didn’t expect to win, mostly because I thought only seniors got it.” Overall, Aiden has decided to stay humble about himself winning the award stating, “I don’t want people to look up to me because that’s stupid.”

  Coach Kalinowski seems to be happy with the practicing routine. ”I think it’s the consistency and toughness of practice, and the hard-working nature of the swimmers doesn’t hurt.” Kalinowski added, ”I won’t really change much on my end, because we seem  to have a winning strategy.”

   ”I know no 8th graders, but I do know some 7th graders who’ll be a great addition to the boy’s team,” she predicted.

  The swimmers, in the heat of the season, swam about 5000 meters which equals about 3.1 miles a day. So the boys are worked tired and then worked some more.  

 Senior and team captain, Tyler Miskelly, said, ”It’s amazing how far we’ve come since my freshman year of highschool.” Miskelly explained, ”I mean we had 11 guys and we went undefeated, for the first time in a long time. Now we have over 25 swimmers and we’re just dominating.”  Miskelly continued, “As long as coach Kalinowski can get some good new recruits and our team keeps working hard, I think the dynasty can continue.”

  The newer swimmers also seem to have hope for the team with sophomore swimmer Max Cornett simply saying, ”Yes.” When asked about if the boys could keep up the winning streak for years to come  Max continued, when asked about the secret, with another simple statement,”Swimming fast.”

  In conclusion, the boys dominated in the division meet. The swimmers seem really excited about it and intend fully to work hard and continue to get better, or as Cornett once again put it, ”Swim fast.”