Most embarrassing moments in Lakeview athletes’ careers

Most embarrassing moments in Lakeview athletes’ careers

Brendan Guciardo, Staff Writer

  Many embarrassing moments occur in athletes’ careers, but every athlete has one moment that is more embarrassing than the rest.

  Harold Irby ,‘20, plays football, but he says his most embarrassing moment was in playing on the basketball team. He was pulling off his break away pants after warm-ups, but when Irby pulled them off there was a not so pleasant surprise.

  He said, “My most embarrassing moment was when I had breakaway pants for my AAU basketball team, and I ripped off one side of them, just to realize that I forgot my shorts for the game.”

  Owen Greiner, ‘20, plays football and basketball, as well.

  He said, “My most embarrassing moment in my athletic career is probably getting dunked on when we were playing Port Huron Northern this year in basketball.”

  Kathryn Dozek, ‘21, has been on varsity volleyball since her freshman year. One time in serving the ball to the other team, Dozek completely missed the hit.
  She shared, “It hit me in the chest.”

  Morgan Kimm, ‘21 plays varsity volleyball.

  She said, “My most embarrassing moment as an athlete is when I tried jumping to hit the ball; but before I jumped, I tripped on my shoelace and face planted.”

  Dominic Tiseo, ‘21 is on the bowling team.

  He said “When I’m bowling I’m usually pretty good, but there was this one time where I had to either strike or mark once in order to win, and I went to throw the ball and I dumped it into the gutter for my first gutter of the entire season.”

  The bowling team is still doing well however, they are now in regionals.

  Ryan Cantin, ‘21, played on the JV baseball team last year and he said, “ I don’t have many embarrassing moments, but one thing that was really embarrassing is when I got picked off by a team using the hidden ball trick at first base.”

  Tyler Gerbasi, ‘21, plays varsity soccer and has since freshman year. He said “My most embarrassing moment was getting nutmegged and then scored on in districts last year.”

  Ariana Wlodeck, ‘21 said, “ In softball, I was most embarrassed when I was pitching, and I was going through my motion, but when I went to throw it, I hit my leg and let go of the ball; but instead of getting it to home plate in the air, it rolled there.”

  Isabella Alvarez, ‘21, plays softball she said, “ My most embarrassing moment in softball was when I went a whole season in a slump when my team did well.”