Lakers hockey team celebrates senior night


Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  On Friday, Feb. 15, the unified Lakers hockey team celebrated Lakeview seniors in senior night. Every year a group of senior boys play their last game at the St. Clair Shores Civic Arena. This year, five seniors said their goodbyes Mathieu Sauve, Richard Schoenrock, Cameron Denbaas, Andrew Leja, and Jack Suede.

  When it comes to playing a last high school game, so many thoughts and emotions go through each players mind.

  “It was sad playing my last game. All I could keep thinking about was that it was my last game and I would never get to experience this again,” expressed Mathieu Sauve, ‘19.

  The Lakers is a unified team of both Lakeshore and Lakeview; many people from both schools were there to support.

  “I loved sitting in the fan section of Lakeview and cheering on the team. I know a lot of the players, and it sucks that they won’t ever play together again,” stated Meredith Chesney, ‘19.

  Senior night is very important to the players and to their parents. This is the last time the boys could play in their position or even in this type of sport.

  “Senior night was deffinity important to me, because it was the last time I will ever be wearing the home white jerseys that the Lakers are known for. It is also the last time I get to look up in the stands and see everyone cheering for me,” said Sauve.

  During the night, there were lots of noticable things that stood out to make it the most memorable evening all the boys and fans will remember, such as jersey-shaped cookies with the senior player’s name and number on them and every senior boy hockey image was placed on the doors walking into the rink.

  Just like every game at Civic arena, they do the annual throw a puck, where fans can pay two dollars and receive a puck to throw on the ice. Whoever throws the puke closest to the center wins!

  “I was one of many who purchased a puck to throw on the ice. I wasn’t expecting to actually go on the ice and throw it. I thought it was a fun activity for the fans and the young kids that were there, and I enjoy when they do it,” explained Andrew Messina, ‘21.

  So many great players will be leaving the team this year, but it was a bittersweet moment for everyone who came together one last time.