21 Savage to be deported


Sam Sudney & Emilio Esparza, Staff Writers

  The rapper 21 Savage, legal name Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was apprehended on Sunday, Feb. 3 by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and is currently being held in Georgia. US Immigration claims that Abraham-Joseph came to the US from the UK in 2005, at the age of 12, on an expired visa. Ever since then he’s been in the US illegally. Although Abraham-Joseph is currently being detained and held without bond, he is not being charged for any offense as of today.

  Abraham-Joseph’s legal team claims that he is a UK native, but he legally entered the US at the age of seven, and only left for a one month visit back home in 2005. This case is soon to be held in a federal immigration court.

  Fellow rapper, Shawn “JayZ” Carter, stated that the arrest of Abraham-Joseph is “an absolute travesty” and has lent Abraham-Joseph legal assistance as of Thursday, Feb. 7.

  Not many students are surprised by the possible chance of Abraham-Joseph being deported. They in fact don’t see it as a possibility at all.

  “I don’t think he’ll get deported due to his rapper status since he can just apply for an entertainment visa. Personally, I don’t think he’s really at risk of deportation,” stated Ryan Ross, ‘21

  Many jokes have been circulating about Abraham-Joseph due to his now newfound status of being from the UK. Despite these, it hasn’t seemed to change public opinion on the rapper.

  “He’s still the goat, regardless of where he came from .I’m honestly surprised it took them [ICE] so long to actually arrest him since he’s a known felon,” said Evan Dubay ‘19

  It is surprising by the fact that, after being in the US for multiple years, US Customs is finally dealing with this “problem.” The ICE definitely has a lot on their plate, but Abraham-Joseph has a well known status so he’s frequently in public eye.

  As of Feb 13, Abraham-Joseph has been released from ICE custody, but a long ensuing case is surely iminent, since recent crack down on illegal immigrants.

  “I’ve seen reports saying that he applied for a visa in 2017, but it obviously takes quite a while for those things to be processed so only time will tell,” stated Ross.

Ultimately, the rapper is likely to stay on US soil due to his wealth and social status.