5 of Detroit’s most Instagram-worthy locations


Jennifer Laukonis, Staff Writer

  Detroit, MI is known worldwide for its landscape, architecture, and creativity. For this reason, there are many unique sites throughout Detroit that allow for the perfect photo.

  The Illuminated Mural, for example, is located at the North End of Detroit’s New Center. It was created by artists Katie Craig and Brandon Dougerty and pictures a tall, melting rainbow with a variety of colors.

  The Siren Hotel, one of Detroit’s latest hotels on Broadway St., is another creative-looking site. This hotel is not only a great getaway from life, but it also serves as a vintage luxury to its many visitors. The vintage appeal that the hotel creates, from disco balls to candy bars, allows for a variety of unique pictures.

  Located on Inselruhe Ave, Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory is a walk into the beauty of nature. Surrounded by glass, the conservatory is home to many plants, including flowers and cacti. The beauty of the plants and glass structure is sure to capture a nature-filled, colorful, and detailed photo.

  One of the most well-known photo spots in Detroit is the What Lifts You Mural, located on Woodward Ave. and created by Kelsey Montague. The mural consists of a range of colors that spread out into wings. Each feather on the wings carries a uniqueness and creativity level that perfectly captures what Detroit is all about. Next to the wings is a hashtag that says “WhatLiftsYou,” inspiring others to use social media in a positive light.

  Hidden away, the Heidelberg Project comes from Tyree Guyton. Guyton wanted to make his old neighborhood into a work of art to inspire anyone who visited. The Heidelberg Project holds the belief that all people should grow and flourish in their communities. It consists of a variety of art forms, many of which includes painted buildings, stacked belongings, and various color palettes. It is a very unique place that offers the opportunity for photos unlike any other.

  Liliana Webb, ‘20 has been to the Heidelberg Project multiple times.

  “I go to the Heidelberg Project quite often; if we are out and about my family will go through it. It is definitely a Detroit staple, and it is a perfect example of how Detroit is full of art, beauty, and creativity,” Webb stated.

  Jenna Dell, ‘20 has been to a couple of Detroit photo spots, including both the Heidelberg Project and the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory.

  “I have been to the conservatory maybe three times and the Heidelberg Project once. I really liked the conservatory because it is so pretty inside, and you get to see all the plants that you have never seen before. Heidelberg is really cool because you get to see art in a new perspective; it’s cool how art is spread in the neighborhood and into Detroit,” Dell mentioned.

  Detroit’s many beautiful tourist attractions are not only a sight to see, but they also add the perfect touch to any photo.