The gym program needs money for surprising expensive equipment

Owen Greiner, Staff Writer

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  The equipment in gym class is very expensive. For example, six foam balls are $120, a dozen gym jerseys is  $120, and one floor hockey net is $150.

  Most students believe that gym equipment is not expensive.

  “I do not think gym equipment is expensive. The most they are paying for jerseys are probably $50 for 10,” predicted junior Jaeden Valadez.

  Junior Ethan Winiarski agrees with Jaeden Valadez.

  “There are probably things that are overpriced, but I wouldn’t think expensive,” said Winiarski.

  Even though the students may not think the equipment is expensive, they still understand they can’t just destroy it.

  “I do not think the gym equipment is expensive, but I understand that the gym doesn’t get a ton of money to buy new equipment so we gotta respect what we have and keep it for as long as possible,” stated junior Hunter Beresford.

 Keeping the equipment we have in good shape can help the school to save money to buy equipment the gym needs .

  “It is very important that the kids don’t destroy the equipment. Obviously the longer what we have now lasts us, the more money we can save to get stuff we need,” said gym teacher Sam Herr.

  The gym teachers are trying to stretch funds as much as possible.

  “All the places are just about the same price. We try to go with the lower priced one, but doesn’t make to much of a difference,” expressed Herr.

  The physical education program often holds fundraisers in attempts to earn more equipment fast, but there’s lack of participation.

“We have tried to do a couple types of tournaments, but when the kids hear they have to pay, they lose interest,“ stated Herr.

  The gym program is most in need of basketballs, footballs, softballs, and jerseys.

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