Student Athletes Recount Horrific Injuries

Jaden Solomon, Staff Writer

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  On Saturday Jan. 5, wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys Allen Hurns was severely injured. After being tackled by Seahawks Safety Bradley McDougald, Hurns’ ankle instantly snapped. It was during Dallas’ second offensive possession when Hurns had to be immediately rushed to surgery. It was hard for Hurn’s teammates to continue after seeing a teammate suffer such a horrific injury.

   Lakeview athletes too have had their fair share of injuries. Senior Quincy Harris was also severely injured during football. As running back, Evan Rochon, ‘20 went to pitch the ball to Harris and he fumbled it. Then as Harris tried to throw the ball, he got tackled. Trying to break his fall he landed on his wrist and instantly heard a loud snap.

  “It was the loudest noise heard on the field; it was even louder than the announcer speakers.” statedHarris.

  Harris broke his ulna and radius bone in his forearm, and had to get two permanent plates and 9 screws on Oct. 27, 2018. He still cannot put pressure or play sports until fully healed.

  Another Senior, Ivan Krohta was playing football when he attempted to hurdle a player who was diving for his ankles, but ended up flipping off of the opponent’s shoulder, landing himself on his right shoulder. Krohta’s diagnosis was a shoulder sprain which has led to minor back problems that needed to be taken up by a chiropractor. This resulted in Krohta being out for a month. He is still in the recovery process. Because he had the position of quarterback, his teammates needed him in the District Championship game.


  Sports injuries can also become intense during other sports like basketball. Alicia Bullaro, ‘18  had a very severe injury while trying to take away an anticipated pass. As she did this, the opponent dribbled pass her and ended up flipping Bullaro in mid-air. She then landed on her right shoulder and went into a seizure for three minutes. Bullaro’s diagnosis was a broken clavicle in three places, a concussion, and an impact seizure. She was out of school for a week, and in a sling for three months. Her team was highly impacted by this injuring, considering they took their first loss of that season later that week.

  Sports injuries are very common and can have very unfortunate impacts on players and their teammates.

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