Lakeview teachers climb another step


Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

  Over the 2018-2019 Winter recess, some of the Lakeview’s teachers went up a step on the Lakeview pay raise scale.

   Every year, theoretically, the teachers at Lakeview will move up a step on Lakeview’s salary guide. However, some of the teachers at Lakeview will not receive a raise, because they have already reached the top of the pay scale. Though they do not get a raise, every five years those teachers will receive a bonus to their check.

  Biology teacher Kelly Boone explained that she was very happy when she found out that she would be receiving a raise.

   Boone stated, “Both of my kids are in daycare, and that stuff is crazy expensive, so the more money I’m going to get will go to that too.”

  Foreign Language teacher Natalie Bowen has been working at Lakeview for more than 12 years, so she is one of the teachers that will not be receiving a pay raise for this year.

  Bowen stated, “Even though I will not have a pay raise this year, I’m very happy for all of my co-workers that are moving up a step. It’s very exciting to see others move up a step and watch them get paid for all the hard work they do for the school.”

  Most people think that moving up a scale would be very beneficial to them, but it might actually be the complete opposite. Creative Writing teacher Matthew Barranca explained that his health insurance will most likely increase because of him moving up a step.

 Barranca continued, “It’s good that I’m making 600 dollars more, but I’m most probably not going to be able to use that money for anything fun or helpful to my family.”

  Gym teacher Jason Kedrow is one of the many teachers who has moved up a step on the Lakeview pay scale this year.

  Kedrow explained, “ I just got married over the summer, so having more money will help with making life easier with my wife. The money coming in will most likely allow us to do things like trips and just have more fun.”

  Our Lakeview High School teachers do so much for their students, so this pay raise is another way to show our appreciation to them.