Lakeview students share childhood celebrity crush

Lakeview students share childhood celebrity crush

Kailee Ball, Staff Writer

   The early 2000’s was a time of mp3 players, ipods, play stations, myspace  and musical movies, High School Musical.

   Everybody, when they were younger, had their share of celebrity crushes. The crushes ranged from actors to singers, who were all in the view of the public eye of fame.

   One childhood crush some people cherish is Zac Efron, who played Troy Bolton in High School Musical. He sang the songs that were so hard not to hum along to and sing repeatedly throughout the day.

   “He was so good looking,” stated sophomore Natalie Ferszt.

  It was in the early 2000s, when the movie musical came out, and he had just started his career. He has starred in other movies and is still successful today. He has recently starred in movies like The Greatest Showman, Neighbors, and Baywatch and still reigns as many’s celebrity crush.

    Sophomore  Treasure Cartwright’s celebrity crush Is Singer Justin Bieber who has recently gotten married to Hailey Baldwin.

   Cartwright stated, “my childhood celebrity crush was Justin Bieber; he was a good singer”.

   One celebrity crush many people have is Beyonce who looks a lot younger than many people think; she is 37.

   Junior, Tony Hill said, “ my favorite celebrity when i was younger was Beyonce”

    Another celebrity crush was Ariana Grande from the Teen Nick show Victorious, who is also a singer.

  Sophomore Eddie Karol stated, “My childhood crush was Ariana Grande. At first, I thought she was actually dumb, but I found out she was actually just acting. I liked how clueless she was and how pretty, and her personality was great.”

   Actor Michael B. Jordan, who acted in the tv show Friday Night Lights and movies such as Black Panther, Creed, and Fantastic Four, is Senior Kyndal Wofford’s celebrity crush.

   Wofford said, ”I think he is just so good looking, and he is great at his job. He really had a good year with his acting career.”

  Most people have had their childhood crushes when they were young and still have them years later.