Lakeview students kick off the new year by hitting the gym

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Lakeview students kick off the new year by hitting the gym

Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

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   With 2019 just beginning, it’s a very common new year’s resolution to start living a healthier lifestyle. This usually means that many people are thinking about purchasing a gym membership. It can be a very difficult process because there are so many different gyms and various plans to sign up for.

  Planet Fitness and LA Fitness are some of the most popular gym chains in the area, and they prove to be a very tough decision for people to choose between the two.     

  Nina Moceri, ’20 is a member at LA fitness and has been going there for over a year now. She explained that all classes, such as spin, kickbox cardio, zumba, yoga, etc., are all included in your membership.

  She shared advice for new members, “Just start and don’t think about what other people think. I was afraid when I first joined, and thought everyone was watching me try out the machines and everything, but literally no one cares, and everyone is there for themselves only.”   

  LA Fitness offers many different workout options, however is also more expensive. A membership is $24.99 per month for single club access and $29.99 per month for multi-club/multi-state access. There is also a $99 initiation fee. However, with that comes a basketball court, a pool, a weight room, and stretching areas.

  At LA Fitness, members really do get what they pay for, but all the extra options might not be for everyone. Planet Fitness is a simpler choice that’s good for someone who wants something more basic.

  Junior Mary Holton just got a membership at Planet Fitness after considering it for a long time. She decided to join because she’s only heard good things about it, and a lot of her friends go there and have been encouraging her to start going.

  Planet Fitness is known for having a positive workout space that welcomes anyone and everyone. Their motto is that they are a “judgement free zone”.

  Holton stated, “I love that they promote being a judgement free zone, because it makes the gym a more positive environment for everyone without all the silly stress we put on ourselves.”

  Holton also offered advice for those who want to start working out and living a healthier life.

  “Some advice I would give is to have a set schedule. If you have a schedule, it will motivate you to go. I also think you should give yourself little goals every time you workout, because you will feel even better about yourself after your workout,” Holton explained.

  LA Fitness and Planet Fitness are both great options if you’re looking for a gym to attend. Exercising is a great way start the new year off right and to start becoming a better version of yourself.

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