Lakeview students take on New Year’s resolution goals


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Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  As the new year has just arrived, new year’s resolutions have begun.

  “My new year’s resolution for 2019 is to be less of a procrastinator. I usually stay up all night and get a good two hours of sleep before I go to school. I plan on not doing that because it’s bad for my health and hurts my grades more than it should,” stated Leonard Moore, ‘19.

  Resolutions can be very difficult to complete, especially if they appear to be the simplest things to achieve.

  “My resolution is to not eat fast food as much. I eat fast food at least three times a week. My goal is to make it at least once a week, but with my sports it’s hard to do,” expressed Alyssa Sutterfield, ‘21.

  Some students’ goals can also be to help the environment by driving less or just cleaning and helping our community.

  “My goal is to have my mom drive me less to school since I don’t live so far. On the days where I can ride my bike to school, I enjoy being able to do so,” explained Emily Silvis , ‘20.

  All three of these resolutions have not been broken yet. They all plan on achieve these goals even though they’re a struggle.  

  “It is a struggle for me to not just pick up food after I get out of basketball, but lately I’ve been bringing food to my practices and games, and then finding something easy to make at home,” said Southerfield.

  Resolutions for school are very common, as well.

  Moore stated, “Since I started going to bed earlier and worrying about my homework later, I get my work done faster and more efficient then when I would wait last minute and rush into it.”

  Many people should have a new year’s resolution at the beginning of each new year, something they can do to make themselves feel better.

  “I always have a new year’s resolution each year- something I can accomplish, reasonable to do, and anyway to help the environment out,” said Silvis.