Airpods increase in popularity after Christmas


Brendan Guciardo, Staff Writer

  Airpods, an Apple product that uses bluetooth to give off sound for earbuds, has increased in popularity over Christmas break.

  Apple has turned something so simple into a big thing for everybody. When looking in the hallway, one can see many people who now have these wireless earbuds to listen to their music or whatever they’d like. This year they have had up to 28 million units shipped compared to the 16 million they shipped last year.

  Airpods are very small and easy to carry around. They come with a case to carry and charge the earbuds. Using this case, the earbuds can get up to 15 hours of listening. But if you charge the case fully, they can function for a full 24 hours. Airpods can get 3 hours of battery after charging them for only 15 minutes. Airpods also give a quick access to Siri with a double-tap.

  Airpods use optical sensors and a motion accelerometer to detect when they’re in your ears. When you take one airpod out, what’s playing automatically pauses until you decide to play it again. They use the bluetooth feature in order to play the sound without wires.

  Airpods are a pretty penny, however. They cost $159 on the Apple website. Some may question whether or not they are worth the price.

  Evan Kuhle, ‘21 said, “They are not worth the $150. They are just regular earbuds, but they don’t have wires and are easier to carry around.”

  However, Apple claims that they are “the future” of listening to music because of how convenient they are. Their technological advances in these earbuds are going to be the thing to keep these airpods in style.

Riley Martin, ‘21 enjoys his airpods.

  He said, “I love my airpods. I take them wherever I go, and can charge them over night for almost a full day of music.”

  Jaden Solomon, ‘21 said “ Yes, they’re worth the money, but I don’t encourage buying them if you won’t have a lot of money left over.”

  Airpods may be expensive however the features that they come with make them appear to be worth the price tag.