Trump’s ongoing wall debacle brings government shutdown


Aili Mayfield, Staff Writer

  Since 2016, President Donald Trump has been promising to put up a grand wall that will serve as a barrier between the United States and Mexico. Now that two years has passed by, more and more news regarding the wall and its status has been coming up. So, what exactly is the status?

  Well the process hasn’t exactly been a breeze. There are several things that must happen before there is any new progress, but as far as can be told, the wall is “on its way” up.

  Currently, there are about 654 miles of existing barriers, but the United States/Mexican border is 1,954 miles long. As a result, Trump wants to add an additional 1,000 miles of concrete or steel to the existing border.

  Clearly, this is an expensive project and Trump is requesting around $5.7 billion to execute it. It has not been approved, and there is a stand still on the whole project as of right now.

  To try and start the project without getting approved for the $5.7 billion, Trump threatened to call a national emergency. This way, he could use the money and get the wall built quicker by treating it as an “emergency”. He has not done this yet, but he has shut down the government.

  Aside from the already existing 654 miles, no new barriers have been added to the border at this point. If there have been all these concerns this far, who knows what issues will surface if/when the wall actually goes up?

  Due to the hassle of the project thus far, individuals may wonder whether or not putting up the wall is worth it.

  Jennafer Huber, ‘21 does not think so.

  “I don’t think it’s really going to solve much. We have a lot more serious problems right now in America than putting up a border wall,” explained Huber.

  On the other hand, however, some people feel that this will help America.

  Liam Smith, ‘19, believes a wall is worth it all.

  “I believe the wall would be beneficial… Security of the people is the first duty of the president. In his efforts to support the security of the American people, he is demanding this wall be built to stop illegal immigration, which brings with it violent gangs, drugs, criminals,” he shared.

  Smith feels Trump is doing this from a place of compassion, rather.

“He isn’t doing this because he hates the people on the outside. He is doing it because he loves the people on the inside,” Smith concluded.