Soulja Boy slaps his name on cheap Chinese products

Sam Sudney, Staff Writer

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  It’s great to see a, now, irrelevant rapper try to capitalize on his almost forgotten brand. Soulja Boy finds himself cranking out some cheap Chinese products with his name on them, rather than making “beloved” music. If you find yourself questioning why this is such a big deal, search some of his products on Amazon. He is scamming consumers by selling them garbage products for ridiculous prices, when they can just purchase them online for much cheaper.

  Evan Dubay, ‘19 claims that this is just a cash grab, and ultimately is a last breath into once was.

  “He must be desperate for money and attention, as most of his popularity has just devolved to being a joke.” Dubay continued, “I don’t blame him for trying it, but the means on how he’s doing all this seems borderline illegal.”

  Ryan Ross, ‘21 seemed to be all for this venture. In fact, he expressed an extreme interest in Soulja Boy’s products.

  “He’s an icon for a lot of people, so no wonder fans would buy his product no matter what the price. I personally would have no problem shelling out some money for his products, more as a joke though,” Ross expressed.

  Despite most students treating Soulja’s products as jokes, he tweeted out, “I’m up 20 M’s.” meaning he’s sold around 5 million consoles. To put this in perspective, the Xbox 360 sold over 5.9 million units off release.

  By all means, I guess this business venture was worth it after all. He’s rocketed himself to contend with the popular consoles from Sony, Microsoft, etc .

  All jokes aside, Soulja boy’s idea of attempting to capitalize off his old fame is likely to pocket him some money, but also bring on some lawsuits. After selling a wide range of low-end Chinese consoles, which seemed to release on a two-week basis, Soulja finally met a threat: Nintendo. Now, I forgot to mention that these consoles came with a wide range of ported games already on the system, with most of these games being produced by Nintendo. After he made his “20 M’s”, it finally rose a red flag for Nintendo because Soulja boy was sent a letter by Nintendo’s legal team, saying that, by selling his console, he could be violating the Trademark Counterfeiting Act.

  Soulja Boy had his days of relevance and fame, but honestly those times are over. Now he decides to tarnish his brand even further by upselling low-end products that are just copies of very inexpensive amazon versions with his name on it.

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