Aladdin Broadway show takes over Detroit entertainment

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Aladdin Broadway show takes over Detroit entertainment

Jennifer Laukonis, Staff Writer

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  Disney’s Aladdin Broadway musical, located at the Detroit Opera House in downtown Detroit, was performed on select nights from Dec. 12 through Jan. 13.

  The classic movie Aladdin is known worldwide for its endless magic, action-packed plot, and catchy songs. The famous movie came out on Nov. 25, 1992, and the live-action version is set to appear in theaters on May 24, 2019.

  Because of all of the excitement surrounding Aladdin at the moment, Broadway productions decided to take their latest play and add a show to Detroit for one month.

  The Aladdin Broadway show begins with the Genie, played by Michael James Scott. Just like the movie, the plot starts off with the classic song, “Arabian Nights”, and gradually moves to show scenes like Aladdin and Jasmine’s meeting in the marketplace, the Genie helping Aladdin win over Jasmine, and Jafar getting in the way.

  Although the plotline is very similar to the original movie, there are a few notable differences.

  For example, Aladdin’s sidekick, Abu, is not in the show; likewise, Jasmine’s pet, Rajah, is also not in the musical. The director of the show, Casey Nicholaw, instead added three male friends for Aladdin and three female friends for Jasmine.

 Also, humor was oftentimes used throughout the play. Most of the subtle jokes were presented by Scott (the Genie). Although Clinton Greenspan (Aladdin) and Lissa Deguzman (Jasmine) magnificently portrayed Aladdin’s most beloved characters, Scott seemed to have the audience enticed by his humor and charismatic performance.

  Stage manager, Jimmie Lee Smith, made sure the design and set surrounding the show was stunning. Everything ranging from costumes to backdrops greatly captured the scene of the movie and set the stage for Agrabah.

 Overall, each cast member made sure to capture the essence of Aladdin through incredible vocals, dancing, and visuals. Their performance left everyone in the audience awestruck and wanting more.

  Student Lorelei Krembel, ‘20 saw the Aladdin musical in late December and felt that it was an amazing experience for all ages.

  “I went to the show over Christmas break with my family, and I really enjoyed it. I loved everything about it, and it is definitely a great thing to do with friends and family,” Krembel stated.

  Emma Schulz, ‘ 20 is a diehard Aladdin fan, who hopes to see the Broadway musical soon.

  “Aladdin is one of my all time favorite movies. I’ve seen a lot of pictures and ads about the Broadway play, and it looks so amazing and different. I would like to see the play someday,” Schulz mentioned.

  Disney’s Aladdin Broadway show could be seen for $35+ and was a great addition to Detroit entertainment.

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