Two students and one company receive Career Technical Education awards

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Two students and one company receive Career Technical Education awards

Kyndal Wofford, Staff Writer

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  Macomb County picks two students from all school districts, in addition to a company, to win their Career Technical Education (CTE) Award. This year, Lakeview Public Schools CTE teachers picked Passion Lewis, ‘12 and Jacob Shue, ‘12. The district also picked PLM World to also win the award. Once a year, the winners are invited to an awards dinner where they are recognized.

  James Schneider teaches the Auto class that Shue is taking.  The main reason Shue got into cars is because of his father.

  “I think I got this award because I’ve been working on cars almost my whole life. As soon as I could turn a wrench, I was turning a wrench. As far back as I remember, I was helping my dad work on cars in the driveway, whether it was doing brakes, changing spark plugs, or just pulling and engine”, said Shue.

  Elizabeth Curd teaches the Teacher Cadet class that Lewis is taking. Lewis believes Curd choose her to win the award because she is very detailed in her weekly reports. Also, she takes extra steps to figure out how to deal with students who may have IEPs.

  “I took Teacher Cadet because I think teacher are very under appreciated. You see people graduating and becoming doctors, lawyers and politicians. How did they get to that point though? Teachers got those people to where they are now. I want to improve how they are seen by society”, said Lewis.

  Lewis’s role in Teacher Cadet consist of her going to one of the districts elementary schools. At the schools she helps out the kids and the teacher during activities and normal class assignments.

  “Passion is always on top of her paperwork- shares the most about what’s going on in her classroom. On top of that, she has a busy life, and yet she finds a way to balance it all and still do teacher cadet”, said Elizabeth Curd.

  Usually, people who work on cars are completely dedicated to cars.

  “Jacob is always working on cars. One of the big things is I never really have to ask him to do something. He’s always got something to do. He works over at Firestone, so he’s really into cars. He’s pretty much here everyday and good grades in the class”, said James Schneider, the Auto teacher.

  PLM World is a software company. This company produces NX software that the drafting students use.

  A business partner is picked by determining which company has had the most impact on the students. This year PLM World firm donated 10,000 dollars to Lakeview’s drafting class. Not only did did the firm make a donation, but they’ve given students opportunities to help out local professional developments for designers. With the money, the drafting class has purchased a brand new 3D printer.

  Lakeview Public Schools are part of MCTEAA, or the Macomb Career Technical Education Administrators Association. Counselor Laura Arnold handles the role of Lakeview’s administrator, even though she technically isn’t an administrator.

  Even though winning the award has no financial reward, it is still a great opportunity for a student that has worked hard. Usually at the breakfast award ceremony, many legislators, local politicians, and all the district superintendents come and show support. This is an opportunity to be recognized for all the great things they do in their CTE class. Additionally, it’s great for schools to put up at their open house to show that they’ve been recognized for.


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