Haratsaris runs a student-centered classroom

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Haratsaris runs a student-centered classroom

Hailey Cingel, Staff Writer

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  Year after year, government teacher Emmanuel Haratsaris has run his classroom in a unique way. The class only features one specific due date per unit, and includes several tentative due dates.  

  “My class is a very student-centered classroom. The focus is back on the students to get what they want out of it. They have access to the whole class right from the beginning, using technology, and they can work at their own pace with certain checkpoints along the way,” stated Haratsaris.

  For student Jocelyn Burnham ‘20, Haratsaris’ class has proven to be helpful in truly understanding content, but has also faced frustrations, like the heavy workload.

  “I have learned a lot about his class because of the setup, he asks you questions on everything, but it can really take too much time,” stated Burnham.

  For student Lauren Sliwinski ‘20, the class has proven to be highly beneficial because it allows students to learn more about time management and to have a stronger focus on the material, rather than the assignments themselves.

  “I think it’s helped me get better at time management and understanding priorities, and I like  how the class is set up because I can focus more on the material and what I need to know.
I feel like I have learned more this way because i’m not just zoning out to a lecture, I’m actually doing the research and work by myself,” stated Sliwinski.

  Haratsaris believes that as long as a student is willing to work and put in effort, then they can gain from his class.

  “An active learner is someone who does get something out of it, while a passive learner doesn’t get much out of it. I think when we do use a teacher centered classroom, there are a lot more passive learners,” stated Haratsaris.

  Megan Paczas, junior, believes that Haratsaris has taught her a lot about time management skills, and has also taught her to be more independent.

  “I’m a lot more stressed and it’s more difficult to juggle other classes along with his, but it’s taught me to manage my time better. I love it because it’ll better for me in the future. It has taught me to teach myself and be more independent,” stated Paczas.

  Overall, students in Haratsaris’ class find it to be a good challenge. His method of teaching has allowed students to become more independent, to learn more about time management, and begin to truly understand how the real world works.

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