Owen Greiner goes all out for spirit weeks

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Owen Greiner goes all out for spirit weeks

Brendan Guciardo, Staff Writer

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  Owen Greiner’s, ‘20 school spirit is unmatched. The amount of money he spent on his spirit wear is unmatched.

  Greiner does all that he can to show his school spirit. In the first spirit week for

Homecoming, he spent $120 on all five days. This past spirit week for the celebration of Christmas and New Years he spent $65, but hadn’t gotten some of the stuff until the day of. He has ordered things like an astronaut helmet for space day, a Santa suit, a grill, a fanny pack, and a money chain. He said, “ People don’t just have that stuff laying around their house, so sometimes you have to make a trip to the store.

  Harold Irby, ‘20 said, “ He spends too much money on stuff for spirit week. He should start saving up for something useful. I mean don’t get me wrong his school spirit is cool and all but I don’t understand why he spends so much money.”

  Greiner says that he participates in spirit days because nobody does it, so he liked to be the one who stands out. His favorite spirit day so far has been space day because he loves to wear his astronaut helmet.

  Jaden Solomon, ‘21 said ,”Owen is my friend, so I don’t see anything wrong with what he does. But it draws a lot of attention. If I were to do it I be embarrassed. We need more people with school spirit like Owen because our school sometimes has none.”

  Greiner thinks that spirit weeks are fun. He said, “ I go a little crazy because I like it, and I think that it’s fun.”

  Greiner encourages people to dress up for spirit days or else what really is the reason for them. Even if it means spending a few bucks, we need to support our school. Greiner has some supporters as well.

  Alexis Ciappara, ‘21 said, “ Sometimes it’s a little much but it’s groovy  seeing him dress like that.”

  Greiner has school spirit that cannot be matched. His friends believe that when he goes all out it is great for the school, because it makes others feel that they can come out of their shell and really show off their school spirit.

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