Lakeview student has a successful youtube channel


Aili Mayfield, Staff Writer

     Jennifer Laukonis, ‘20  may seem like a shy girl at first, but she is very outgoing. Laukonis started a youtube channel, and it has been very successful. After Laukonis first made her channel in 2016, little did she know, it would blow up to become as popular as it has.

  “I was 14 and I had wanted to create a youtube channel for a while, and my parents finally let me,” explained Laukonis.

  Laukonis had no intention of getting as big as she has. For her, youtube simply started as something to do for fun.  

  “I have over 25,000 subscribers. Most of the time, they come in clumps. At one point, I got 8,000 subscribers in a week, and I was very surprised and excited,” said Laukonis.

  There are certain peaks where Laukonis will gain more subscribers. She earns more subscribers around “back to school time”, because viewers are interested in watching those types of videos.

  Laukonis isn’t very sure how her channel got so popular, but she has a few ideas.

  “I heard some stories of how my videos popped up on other, famous youtubers pages. For example, I heard that one of my videos popped up on the side, after watching one of Alicia Marie’s videos. I think that my videos were recommended to a lot of people, and that’s how they found out about my channel,” Laukonis described.

   The most amount of views that she has ever gotten is over 600,000 views on her 2017 “back to school” video.

  Laukonis likes to make specific styles of videos.

  “I mainly do lifestyle videos, or I will do vlogs and just random sit down videos,” said Laukonis.

  Viewers are drawn to Laukonis’s channel because of her quirky and spunky behavior.

  “I think I am very weird in my videos, and I am very interesting. I think that’s what’s different about it. People like that kind of stuff,” Laukonis explained.

  Lauknois’s mother also plays a role in her youtube career, as her most popular videos feature her mom.

  Due to her passions towards it, Laukonis wants to continue making youtube videos for as long as possible.

“Mainly youtube is a hobby, but I think that if I work really hard, I could get somewhere with it. My goal right now with youtube is just to have fun with, and if it goes somewhere, that’s really cool, but if not I will still keep doing it anyway,” said Laukonis.