Rzeppa awarded December student of the month

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  Nick Rzeppa, ‘20 has recently been awarded the title Student of the Month for December.

  Rzeppa was nominated by Sharada Sharp, art teacher and yearbook supervisor, as a result of his hard work and kindness, both in and out of the classroom. He has just recently become a part of her class this semester and has already been promoted to be an editor for the yearbook next year, which is a great accomplishment for a first-year yearbook student.

  Sharp mentioned that her nominations for students of the month are based on much more than just grades. She looks at a students actions, behaviors, and how they treat others.

  “I see if any student has taken initiative, in terms of being polite, helping other students out in the class or in the hallways,” Sharp included.

  She tends to choose a student who is well rounded in their academics and their personality. Rzeppa exceeds these standards.

  “He is always ready to take on any challenges in yearbook, so he’s never turned down a spread and he goes above and beyond in terms of selling business ads or taking photos or interviewing,” Sharp included.

  Rzeppa mentioned that he was happy and takes this as an honor to be not only nominated, but to win.

  “It was really cool they bought me lunch which was really delicious, and my names on the sign, so my parents were really proud of me,” Rzeppa stated.
  Overall, being student of the month is an experience that any student would enjoy being honored and Rzeppa had some advice to share with other students.

  “Always behave like you’re being evaluated to be the student of the month. I think having that mindset that someone’s always watching what you do, even when no one’s around, it can help you be a better person,” Rzeppa included.

  He and Sharp seemed to agree in this aspect that it’s the little things you do that may often seem to go unnoticed that have the biggest impact on a person’s true character.
  Sharp included, “Be kind to each other. That goes along way, more so then the grades. It’s little acts of kindness that may go unnoticed by students, but we as teachers really take into account holding the door open for others or helping someone if they dropped something, pick it up.”

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