Mrs. Bowen and her life at Lakeview High School

Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

  Teacher Natalie Bowen has been teaching for almost 15 years altogether and for 14 years at Lakeview High School.

  Bowen stated that before she came to Lakeview, she taught at La Salle Language Academy in Chicago.

  Bowen stated that she realized that she wanted to teach the French language when she was 14 years old.

  Bowen stated, “I love French and I’ve always loved school, so I thought teaching French would be the perfect job.”

  Bowen also explained  that she has her Master’s in French and History.

  Bowen stated that she has never thought about doing something different with her career.

  “I really don’t feel like I made a wrong decision when it came to choosing my job. I love coming into work everyday and working with kids and I hope that they love working with me too.”

  Bowen has taught all of the French classes from 1 to 5. She expressed that her favorite unit to teach is The Little Prince in French 3.“ I really enjoy this unit because I think this novel holds the meaning of life. The novel explains how to treat others and how to live your life to the fullest.”


  Bowen states that she has been all over the country, but she has spent most of her travels in Europe. She has been to Paris numerous amounts of times and she has also traveled to Florence, Italy too.

  Bowen has shared many memorable moments with both students and teachers. She explained how every year she makes new memories with her students that are too special too forget, but she stated some of her most memorable.She had been mentoring this boy for about a year to try and make sure that he could be eligible.

  “Seeing this boy being able to walk across the stage at graduation was very memorable to see.”                            

  Bowen revealed that she also runs Student Council and that she occasionally helps out at World Language club.

  Sophomore, Jaden Solomon explained, “ Mrs.Bowen is so good to all of us. She is so helpful and she is always open to new ideas we have to improve the school.”                             

  Bowen does so much for Lakeview, so give her a thank you or stop by her room and have a quick conversation.