Lakeview secretary

Kyndal Wofford, Staff Writer

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  Jessica Wise is a Lakeview high school secretary who started working for the school back in 2016 and assures all that she enjoys her job. For years, Wise was the secretary for records and for former assistant principal Scott Kapla. Since Kapla moved to principal, Wise is the secretary for new assistant principal Jennifer Zaborowski.

  The former Lakeview Husky graduate received an Associate’s Degree from Macomb Community College in 2008.

  Wise has been married for nine years to her husband Ryan Wise. Back in 2010, they had a son named Ryan, and in 2012, a son named Rory, who both attend Lakeview Schools.

   On Feb. 21, 2017 Wise was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2A. Doctors performed a surgery and removed the cancer. Wise fought through the cancer.

  “It was definitely surreal for me. I just had a positive head-on attitude. My family freaked out, but I knew I could beat this cancer. My nurse confused me at one point and made me think that I had stage three which is hard to beat. In the end, my positive attitude got me through it all,” said Wise.

  In her free time, Wise enjoys spending time with her sons, watching movies, playing board games, and attending the sporting events her kids participate in.

  Wise and her family don’t travel much. In June of 2006, Wise and her husband traveled to Punta Cana way before they had their children. Of course she travels back to Florida and Ohio to visit family. Sometimes her and her family visit Disney World.

  “As of right now we have no plans to travel anywhere. We may go to Arizona. My husband actually suggested going to a random spa in Arizona,” said Wise.

  As far as a dream job Wise doesn’t have one.

  “I love working here. This may just be it for me. I get summers and holidays off with my kids, and I enjoy being around the students,” said Wise.

  In the next twenty years Wise has no plans.

  “I won’t be here if I win the lottery,” she shared.

As of right now, Wise is filling in for Jennifer Rahaman, Kapla’s secretary, who is out on medical leave.

  “It’s great working with Wise because she is able to do the jobs of other secretaries. She’s just amazing at her job,” Kapla commented.

  At the school there are four other secretaries that Wise works with. After so many years of working together they all can say they have a close bond.

  “She’s the best because she is willing to help anybody out. She’s very good at her job, and she’s super organized,” said Vicki Stys.

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