Lakeview loves Panera

Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

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  Panera is a restaurant/ bakery located on Gratiot Avenue in Roseville, Michigan. It’s a very popular place for high schoolers to eat together and work on homework. However, it has also recently become a very common place for students to apply for a job.

  Work is more enjoyable when you have friends to help make the time pass. Luckily, Panera has hired many students from Lakeview in the past several months. Many of these kids knew each other beforehand, but working together has also created many new friendships.

  Sydney Smoke,’19 has been working at Panera since the beginning of October. This is her first job, and she already knew people that worked there, so that helped her out when she applied.

  Smoke stated, “I like being able to pay for all of my own things, so having a job helps with that.”

  Nathan Wittenberg,’20 applied at the same time as Smoke, so he has the same amount of experience. He has many different tasks to do during each shift.

  “Most of the time I’m a cashier, so that usually means I also have to close either baking or dining room. As a cashier I have to take orders, deal with change, and get bakery items,” Wittenberg explained.

  Panera employs a lot of high schoolers, so it’s been a great place to make friends.

  Wittenberg said, “I’ve met a lot of really cool people, and it’s a lot of fun when I get to work with my friends.”

  Junior, Patrick Kramer got a job at Panera about 5 months ago. He has been there for a while, so he has really gotten the hang of things. He thinks it’s important to have a job while in high school because it can help you mature.

  Kramer explained, “It allows you to get a bearing of responsibilities as an adult.”

  Getting a job helps to develop a sense of independence and teaches the importance of hard work and making a income. Being in high school is a great time to apply for a part time job because you still have free time while making your own money. Retail, food, or an office are all great opportunities to gain work experience and make money. It’s important in high school to have responsibilities, but it’s also important to have fun and make memories.  

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