Findlay makes an escape room around the school.

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Findlay makes an escape room around the school.

Madeline Orosz, Staff Writer

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 Jennifer Findlay, English teacher, teaches literature to film during sixth period, a class where the students read books, short stories, and sometimes plays that also have movie adaptations. The class then analyzes and compares them.

  For example, the class analyzed many adaptations of Alice In Wonderland after they read the original novel.

 In the Alice in Wonderland movies and books, Alice had to overcome many different obstacles. To mirror the same theme, on Nov. 14, Findlay’s students were divided into groups to solve puzzles inspired by the themes of Alice in Wonderland.

Findlay said,   “The escape room was located in places in the school like the library or Mr. Miley’s room, and they had to cooperate as a team to solve that puzzle which focused on characters and quotes from the story and plot events.”

  Findlay came up with the idea from seeing other teachers doing escape rooms online, as well as from the Alice in Wonderland story which had many obstacles that Alice had to get through.    

  Findlay stated, “Lewis Carroll, the author, was a mathematician, so he liked puzzles and riddles. In the story, Alice is like trying to get out of Wonderland, so it made sense for them to do an escape room.”

  Findlay wanted to make the students understand the story better and experience how Alice felt trying to get out of wonderland.

  Megan Messina, ‘19 stated, “I think the purpose of Mrs, Findlay dong the escape room was to make us feel like we were a part of the story, Alice in Wonderland. Alice was trying to escape wonderland, just like how we were trying to escape Mrs. Findlay’s room.”

     Messina liked the escape room because it is not only in the classroom but takes place throughout the school.

  She stated, “My favorite part was getting to leave the classroom and go around the school to find clues. It wasn’t just in our class room. Although my least favorite part was not being able to choose my group. My group was good, but I feel like we didn’t work well. ”

  According to Findlay, doing this activity wasn’t kaotic or overwhelming, as one may expect.          

  Findlay stated, “I think they behaved really well. Some of the comments I heard were that they were having anxiety, and they’re stressing out, because they like wanted to solve the puzzles and be the first team to win it.”

  The students had a lot of fun with it, even if the activity was stressful. It’s something different which makes it easier and more fun to review material.

  Findlay stated, “I think they did because it was a challenge so that I think it made it more of a competition and they like to compete against one another. They for sure had fun with a trying to figure out all the different puzzles.”

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