Lakeview students talk about benefits and tips of group studying


Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  It’s that time of year again, with finals and exams coming up. The famous question always comes up “How do I even study for this test?”. Many people study by themselves or sometimes with a group, but there can be advantages and disadvantages when it comes to studying with a group.

 When studying with a group, it can be helpful when things don’t make sense, but it can also be distracting when you can’t focus.

  “I prefer studying by myself because it makes me focus more, but I also like studying with other people, because, when I don’t understand something, I can get a better understanding of it from someone else,” stated Julianna Mahkon, ‘19.

  According to R. Keith Sawyer, who is an associate professor of education at Washington University, states students in college who go out of their way to create study groups without the help from their professors score higher than the students who study by themselves. Sawyer states people understand a lot better when they talk out loud and recap everything they’re trying to know.

  “According to my recent test scores in my Baker and Wayne dual enrollment classes, when I studied with other people I understood the content better and scored higher on my quizzes. Sometimes when I got caught up and didn’t have opportunity to study with others I felt I got distracted more and was less focused. It wasn’t as fun as working with others,” explained, Meredith Chesney, ‘19.

  When students study in groups, there can be many different learning activities that students can do together to make the learning more fun.

  “When I study in a group with the kids that are in my class, we make flashcards and quiz each other as we go around in a circle. If someone doesn’t get the answer right or doesn’t fully understand the content we go back over it till full understanding,” explained Makhon.

  When the opportunity to study with other people, try it. Test scores are increasing and it’s just a better way to learn the content.

  Web design teacher Nick Spano explains, “I feel my students should study in groups. Their test scores could improve when all students show up to the study group prepared and are focused during the group study.  It could give the students their own understanding of the content from someone else beside me.”