Travis Scott Wish You Were Here tour visits Detroit

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Travis Scott Wish You Were Here tour visits Detroit

Brendan Guciardo, Staff Writer

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  Travis Scott performed at Little Caesars Arena on Dec. 5 at 7:30 p.m. He had two different artists open up for him, Gunna and Sheck Wes. It was a sold out show. His tour goes to 27 different cities in a matter of two months, along with 2 Astro World fests.

  Scott is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. His album Astroworld was the number one album of 2018 for one week, and as of right now, he has the number one song for 2018, Sicko Mode. He has sold out every stadium/ arena that he has performed at for the Wish You Were Here Tour. He included his other albums Rodeo and Days Before Rodeo.

  When in Detroit, Scott played 28 different songs. During two of his songs he had a prop rollercoaster that he rode on while singing. The lighting and volume throughout the concert really set the mood. The bass there made you feel like you were shaking. It was so loud that you couldn’t even hear yourself think, everybody was singing along. He had lights flashing throughout the whole concert. And the stage was lighting up along with the backdrop on the stage.

  When the bass dropped there would sometimes be flames or lights that went off to help the mood. The whole time the concert was going on everybody was ecstatic. He had a voice changer on his hip that would change his voice for certain songs that needed to have a voice change.

   Sheck Wes was first out to open for Scott. He performed 5 songs:” Live Sheck Wes,” “Do That,” “Chippi Chippi,” “Kyrie,” and “Mo Bamba,” his most popular song, named after the professional basketball player Mohamed Bamba.

  Gunna, the second opening artist, opened up with 8 songs: “Drip or Drown,” “King Kong,” “Pedestrian,” “Car Sick,” “Chanel,” “Oh Okay, “”Sold Out Dates,” and “Drip Too Hard. “

  Alex Sorgeloos, ‘21 went to the concert and had a great time he said, “The concert was fun. My favorite song was Drugs You Should Try Them. That was when it got the most lit. Only problem with the concert was I’m broke so I couldn’t buy a shirt.”

  The tour merchandise was very pricey. Hoodies ranging from $95-125, t-shirts ranging from 45-60 dollars, and long sleeves ranging from 70-85 dollars.

  Even though they were so pricey, the tour still managed to sell out of most of their merchandise at every booth. Some booths even had to have a second round of merchandise come in.

  Ken Soderberg, ‘21 bought a shirt.

  He said, “I bought a t-shirt because I like how it looked and I need people to know that I was there.”

  Travis Scott’s Astroworld, Wish You Were Here tour has left everybody that didn’t go wishing they were there.




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