Mass Media introduces students to media of the world

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Mass Media introduces students to media of the world

Lindsey Wertenberger, Staff Writer

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  Mass media is an elective class, offered as a skinny semester long class at Lakeview, that teaches students about all the different forms of media in the world today and in the past.

  Students in the class learn about a wide variety of topics, ranging from newspapers to music to video games. The students will also learn about the formation of the media and how it became popular.

  This allows for each student to find what types of media they find most entertaining or interesting.

  Madison Demski, ‘20 was in the class last year and she really enjoyed the fun topics and different approach to learning.

  She included, “I found it interesting that we got to explore the different fields of media, get a topic to study, and we got to lead the class by giving presentations and teaching our classmates about it. It was a different approach at learning where we got to become the experts.”

  Anthony Savalle, English and Newspaper teacher, has been teaching the class at Lakeview for four years now, and has taught a total of three Mass media classes. Previously, the class had been taught by Mrs. Fralick, drama and English teacher; Mrs. Resin, English teacher; Mr. Barranca, English teacher; and Mr. Maus, former math teacher.

  “We have shared materials with each other, but I don’t think any two people teach it the exact same,” Savalle mentioned.

   Savalle, in particular, teaches his class in a way that actually doesn’t require tons of written work, or doesn’t involve tests or quizzes. It provides students an experience to learn all about media.

  “I want students to appreciate the things they take for granted- all the different ways they connect with people,” Savalle stated, “I want them to have some hands-on experience but look at it in a different mindset.”

  He hopes that the class helps students to gain an appreciation for all the types of media and how they came about.

  Demski also mentioned, she originally signed up for the class because she knew it was taught by Savalle and she previously had him as a teacher in a class that she really liked.

  “Plus, who wouldn’t want to listen to the radio or watch TV for homework?” Demski included.

  Nathan Wittenberg also had mass media last year, but he was in Devon Fralick’s class. Wittenberg included that he gets bored in classes if he doesn’t find the topic interesting, but this class included topics such as music, which was something he enjoyed more.

  He commented, “What I really liked about the class was that we watched a lot of movies and it kind of gave me a break from my other classes.”

  This class allows students a chance to be entertained on topics they enjoy, while also learning about common ways of sharing information in our world today.


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