Lakeview student’s give details on their “creative” punishments


Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

  Recently, a student in Ohio was suspended from using the bus for a week, due to the fact that she was caught bullying kids on the bus… again. Needing a ride to school, she told her dad that she needed him to drive her to school for the next week. To prove a point, he forced his daughter to walk the five mile walk to and from school for the next week.

  Some people think that the more “creative” the punishment is, the less likely the child is to make that decision again.

  So, what are some of Lakeview High School students’ “creative” punishments they have received?

  English teacher Anthony Savalle stated that when he was 16 and first got his license, he got off on the wrong exit and took Harper all the way to Downtown Mt.Clemens. He was supposed to be in Warren, but that didn’t happen and he wasn’t on time either. “The next day was Saturday and my dad made me draw an entire map of Southeast Michigan and all of the roads. It took about 4 hours, but I was able to go out that night.”

  Sophomore, Annabelle Collier stated that her parents think that she reads too much and that she doesn’t go outside enough. “ My parents took almost all the books in my room and forced me to go outside. In the end, I did go outside, but I stole a book and read it outside.”

  Junior, Alexis Donald stated that she had a problem with swearing ever since she was 5 years old.  “Whenever I said those words, my parents would take me in the bathroom, tell me what I did wrong, and then stick a bar of soap in my mouth. Also, it usually the gross off-brand versions of soaps that all the old people use.”

  Sophomore, Sean Turner stated, “ I screamed back at my mom while we were arguing, so she made me sit a corner for an hour doing nothing. The thing is, I was fourteen when I did this.”

  In the end, those wacky stories you hear about people and their punishments might actually be true.