Lakeview introduces new interpreter


Amanda Balon, Staff Writer

  Lakeview’s interpreter, Rick Aylesworth, is new to the staff this year. Interpreters work with students to translate oral speech, and help with students who are deaf or unable to communicate. He has been an interpreter for ten ten years now, and he really appreciates what he does.

  As an interpreter, Aylesworth works with a student who is deaf, using sign language to  help them know how to communicate. He makes sure that the particular student knows what needs to be said and that the individual talking to the deaf student knows how to get their point across. He would be there to interpret whatever is said. He does not teach, all he does is make sure that the communication bridged.

  As an interpreter, Aylesworth gets to notice some interesting things happening within a student’s mind.

   “In some settings, it’s nice to help bridge the gap of communication, and see the light bulbs turn on in the students mind. You get to see the gears turning in both parties, whether it’s the deaf person or hearing person,” He shared.

  Aylesworth grew up with two deaf parents so he had to learn sign language at a very young age.

  He stated,   “Growing up with deaf parents was about the same as anyone else, my first language was sign language. I had a hard time learning English in the beginning years, but it wasn’t as hard as some people make it seem. I was never thought of different or looked down upon.”

  Having two deaf parents gave him the idea to become an interpreter, since he was so familiar with sign language, and he also went through speech therapy as a child. Aylesworth is very passionate about his work, and he loves what he does.

  He expressed, “I like what I do because, in this setting I can help not only deaf kids, but hearing kids as well. I get a chance to help you guys and interact with so many people, it’s really unique.”