Lakeview alumni details college life after high school


Kailee Ball, Staff Writer

 Former Lakeview high school student, Rachel Ball,who graduated in 2018, is now in college and shared how her first year is going.

  Ball attends Oakland University and is enrolled in their Health Sciences program with a concentration in nutrition to become a dietitian.

   Ball said, “The health/medical field has always interested me, especially the healthy lifestyle aspect of it.”

   Ball took several Wayne State University and Baker courses that were offered during her high school years, which helped when she started college. Because she took dual enrollment classes , she will be able to graduate a year early.It is predicted that she will save around $18,000 in college tuition. She encourages high school students to take college classes to help prepare for college because of how helpful it was to her.

  “Dual enrollment showed me what college classes were like and allowed me to get ahead and gain college credits,” stated Ball.

   Like many other freshman college students, Ball agrees that college gives more free time and the chance to pick classes that are interesting. Additionally, it helps to become more independent.

    According to, there are some tips college freshman can follow do to do well in their first year of college.

  • one tip the online site shared was to not be pressured right away into making a decision on a major or job.
  •     A second tip stated was to get involved in the school to learn and possibly make new friends.
  •    A third tip on the website said to make time to take a break in order to help relieve stress and relax, so you can do your best.
  •    Another one of the other tips said to get organized and stay organized to help make everything less stressful and to prepare for all assignments and projects.

 Although college can seem stressful, following these tips can allow a better freshman-year experience.