Huskies get happy for the holidays

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Huskies get happy for the holidays

Leah Sargeant, Staff Writer

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  Christmas is always an exciting time of the year that gives everyone something to look forward to. While it, of course, is a time of giving, people also look forward to receiving.

  It’s obvious that Christmas changes a little the older you get. What we used to want when we were five is different from what we want now.

  Junior Kirk Reinhart has changed a lot since he was younger, so his Christmas wish list is also very different.

  “This year I’m hoping to get a nice pair of headphones, like Beats. I’m always listening to music, and I want to be able to hear it better,” explained Reinhart.

  In contrast, when he was younger, Reinhart’s favorite gift to receive were legos.

  “I remember playing with them all day long on Christmas and building stuff for hours.”

  Another Junior, Matthew Fennell, has also branched out with what he’s hoping for.

  When he was younger, his favorite gift was a Wii because it was his first video game console. He spent a lot of his time after Christmas playing Wii bowling with his family.

  Now as he has gotten older, he wants more practical gifts.

  Fennell stated, “I’m hoping to get a pair of Nike black shorts that I can wear for baseball.”

  Alexandra Cherninsky’s, ‘20 tastes have increased as her age has. She wants a lot more high end and expensive gifts compared to when she was younger.  

  This year, she really wants to receive AirPods for when she goes the gym. She thinks it will be easier to work out without the cord getting tangled up everywhere.

  Cherninsky still has appreciation for the gifts she got when she was younger, and remembers how happy Christmas makes her.

  She stated, “When I was little, I always wanted an American Girl Doll. I always wanted to be a teacher, so I would use my dolls as my students.”

  They’re still special to her today because her Papa would buy them for her, and they give Cherninsky a way to remember him.

  Avary Black,’21 has somewhat of a similar wishlist.

  This year she is hoping to get a new phone because the one that she has now is getting old, and she would like to upgrade.

  Her favorite gift from when she was a child was her iPod. All of her friends have one, so she naturally wanted one too.

  The way her parents gave her the iPod was very memorable because they tricked her.

  Black said, “My mom hid it and pretended I didn’t get one, and then she surprised me later in the day.”

  Over the years, what we want for Christmas might change, but the meaning will always stay the same. It’s such an amazing time of year to spend with family and friends and, in the end, it isn’t really even about the gifts at all.

  “I love Christmas because everyone is always so happy and the music and decorations puts me in a better mood. It’s the perfect time to show the people you care about how much you love them,” Cherninsky expressed.

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