2019 Baseball Program starts pre-season workouts


Megan Messina, Staff Writer

 Even though winter has just arrived, spring is right around the corner. The LHS boys baseball team is provided with a great opportunity to prepare itself for the upcoming season of baseball. Students from the team, or students who wish to be a part of the upcoming season, can go to the weight room on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6-8pm to get back into shape for this spring.

  The weight room prepares the boys for what’s to come in the season, especially for the senior boys that want to make their last year of high school baseball the absolute best.

   “This season we want to make a name for our team. Seeing last year’s boys, who were on the team, working hard in the weight room just gives us a boost that we are working together to try and win districts,” stated Daniel Couwlier, ‘19.

  In the weight room, there is always a workout going on.

  “Each day we focus on strengthening a different part of the body (upper, lower), which then ends with a conditioning” explained Couwlier.

  Every position is important when it comes to baseball. Everyone has to be fast and have the strength and power to get the ball from point A to point B.

  “Being in the weight room this early gets me moving my arms a lot more, it helps me with speed and power when I am starting to pitch,” expressed Andrew Haudek, ‘19.

  The varsity baseball boys are known for having great teamwork and having great motivation towards one another.

   “We want to be a team that other teams are nervous to play when they look at our statits. The workouts defentity enhance us by providing us strengths when it comes to hitting and throwing” said  Couwlier.

  Everyone has a goal they want to see happen at the end of the season.

  “My goal for it being  my last year playing high school baseball is to just give it my all, no turn backs. I want coaches to see how hard my team and I have been working all winter long and try and get recruited.” explained Haudek.

   By all the players putting in their time already, this looks like it could be a great season.

  “We may of lost a few good guys last year due to them being seniors, but with the amount of work boys are putting in already it looks like we aren’t going to have any problems this year.” expressed Couwlier.  

  With the coaching by Scott Mcgregor, the boys hope to better their record from last year of 15-20, and work their way to winning districts.

  “We have a really good chance at winning districts this year, last year we were good with a really good record, this year we are better. The amount of time being put into these pre- workouts, we are already stronger than we were before.” explained Avery Harwood, ‘19.