Students fight for balance between school and cheer

Sarah Muehlbrandt, Staff Writer

  Many students are involved in competitive cheer outside of school. This can cause a struggle between school life and personal life. For example, trying to finish an important essay, but having cheer practice from after school to night time.

  “I only practice once a week for 3 hours,” said Alexandria  Middleton, ‘19.

  This goes to show that she does not have much to balance. Only having practice once a week helps her maintain her school work because she is not occupied all the time. Middleton has done competitive cheer for 12 years. All 12 of those years she has been balancing between school and cheer and for the most part she has done pretty well.

  “The only time I ever have to balance is my weekend time and cheer time,” stated Middleton.

  Even though she does not have a hard time balancing school and cheer, she still has to manage cheer time and her own time. This can be difficult because she may not have time for her friends and family.

  Skylar Pendleton, ‘19 stated, “I have been doing competitive cheer for 9 years, and I have practice twice a week.” It may not seem like a lot for most people, but for competitive cheerleaders it can be a lot.

  “It can be hard for me to balance school and cheer, because I also work, so I have to try and work my schedule around all three of those things,” said Pendleton. Pendleton has to keep her grades up,make sure she gets to work on time, and be on time to her cheer practice.

  “I not only have cheer practice twice a week, but I also coach younger girls competitive cheer,” stated Pendleton.

  Pendleton keeps a schedule of each of her days to stay in order for the week.  For those who do not cheer will not understand the struggle that most of these girls have to go through.