Orchestra holds their annual Christmas concert

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Orchestra holds their annual Christmas concert

Madeline Orosz, Staff Writer

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   On Dec. 6, there will be the annual orchestra Christmas concert. It begins at 6:30 p.m.

   The students who are in orchestra love the Christmas concert. It’s a chance for them to show off their musical talents through joyful Christmas songs.

   Aili Mayfield, ‘21 stated, “I am very excited for our orchestra concert Thursday. After so much practice it’s so cool when all of our hard work comes together to make Christmas songs.”

  Abby Howe, ‘21, also agrees that their concerts are one of the most important things of orchestra.

  Howe stated, “My favorite part about this concert is the last song we play for the finale. It’s called Christmas Eve or Sarajevo. The whole orchestra gets the most excited. It creates a great experience for both the audience and the students.”

  Obviously, for a Christmas concert, Christmas songs will be played. The concert is a holiday fundraiser.

  Mayfield stated, “The money from the fundraiser goes towards scholarships for upperclassmen and that’s why this is one of the most popular concerts that we do.”

  When the orchestra performs, they perform in grade groups. The groups are 6th grade, 7-8 grades, and 9-12 grades.

  Aili Mayfield stated, “I like combining all of high school at the Christmas concert because it sounds better and the seniors are good so it helps out the lower classmen.”

  The orchestra used to have an event called Cabaret, as their annual Christmas concert, but instead they do a basic concert here at lakeview.

  For the students, orchestra isn’t just a class. It’s a group they are proud to be in as a whole.

  Howe stated, “My favorite part about orchestra is the sense of family we have created through our love of playing.”

  Orchestra concerts are one of the most important and exciting times of the year for them because they can finally show off everything they have been working on.   

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Orchestra holds their annual Christmas concert