LHS students seek to increase strength in Lakeview High School powerlifting club

LHS students seek to increase strength in Lakeview High School powerlifting club

Megan Messina, Staff Writer

  Gym teachers Richard Nelson, Sam Herr, and Jason Kedrow take time out of their day to run the powerlifting club after school on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2:51 to 4:00.

  Powerlifting club is made up of students whose main focus is to increase their power and strength. “Students can choose from three different major lifts: bench press, squat and deadlift,” explained, Nelson.

  Bench press, squats and deadlifts aren’t the only options students can choose from to reach their goals, but during the club those are the usually the main ones students use to increase their strengths.

  The club is open to the entire student body and to the students that share the same focus on increasing their strength. There are no requirements to be involved in this club, as long as you are focused on increasing goals for yourself. “I enjoy being able to have the opportunity to go and work on what I want to become better at, and work on bettering myself” said, Kaileigh Squier.

  “This club was formed three years ago by Liam Browning and a couple other former LHS students who wanted extra help increasing their strengths,” expressed, Nelson.

  Teachers that are involved in this club can count this volunteer time to their 20-hour volunteer time requirement.

    “The reason I do this is to see students involved in this club be successful and proud of themselves. I like to watch them reach their goals they have given themselves at the beginning of each week, and be able to help them through this journey,” said, Nelson.

  Students in the club compete against each other to see who reaches their goal first. Each week, they pick a student who already reached their goal,  to move on to their next week’s goal. “some students in our club work to improve their strengths so they can be in competitions between other students, and at other schools” explained, Squier.   

  When in this club, everyone gives it their all. It’s not easy trying to do what they’re obtaining. This club is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in building strengths, staying in shape during off season sports, or simply just putting yourself in a better shape.