Lakeview football gets two players all state

Lakeview football gets two players all state

Owen Greiner, Staff Writer

  Lakeview varsity football team made it to the second round of the playoffs this season before losing to Port Huron Northern in a crushing over time loss. However, even with losing in the second round of the playoffs, there was a bright side. Lakeview varsity players, junior defensive linemen Harold Irby and senior linebacker Deloreon Ishmon received news that they made allstate.

  Lakeview varsity head coach, Patrick Threet, has now coached three kids who have made allstate, beginning with Troy Hinds in 2010.

  The players were lost for words when they found out and were very happy.

  “I was in shock. I knew that I definitely had the talent to be named to the All-state team, but I was just shocked and happy that all my years of hard work was starting to pay off,” said Irby.

 Even though making allstate is a huge honor for these players, it doesn’t fulfill their high school career.

  “Making Allstate is a huge honor, but getting a scholarship to play college ball is what would really fulfill it,” stated Ishmon.

  “Finally to really fulfill it would be get some national recognition and get a scholarship to play college ball,” stated Irby

  Making Allstate may not fulfill the players’ high school careers, but it is one of the biggest honors they have ever had.

  “For me this is a huge honor. It shows all the hard work I have put it since I was seven; and to be recognized as one of the best out of thousands of kids in the state is so amazing,” said Ishmon.

  With Irby and Ishmon making All-state, it has motivated some of the other players to work harder and make it themselves.

  “Seeing two of my teammates makes me realize that it’s possible for me to make, but it’s gonna start in the weight room and offseason training. It won’t be easy, but I can work harder and harder everyday and make it possible,” junior linebacker, Ahmad Goode, shared.