Health classes prepare for potential emergencies


Kailee Ball, Staff Writer

   On Nov. 19, sophomores in Amanda Decker and Carrie Yurenka’s health classes viewed a presentation about how to react and control bleeding in an emergency

   The Macomb County Health Department partnered with first responders from around the area to show students at Lakeview the importance of knowing how to help.

    The presentation covered how to control bleeding and gave students the opportunity to practice how they can save somebody’s life. They were taught how to put on a tourniquet which helps compress the blood vessels, so  that the person doesn’t bleed out. Students also learned it is necessary to apply pressure on the wound using cloth to help control the bleeding.

  Once they showed they were capable of doing all the techniques taught they received a certificate for completing the training course.

   The presenter was a paramedic from the area with real-life experience in dealing with emergencies.

      Sophomore Alyssa Brown stated, “I learned how to stop a wound from bleeding from a gunshot or a stabbing and it helped prepare people for any emergency situation because it could even save a life.”

   Students learned how to react and control bleeding from a wound whether at school, or anywhere where an emergency is happening, so that they can help save a person’s life.

   “This is a life skill that can hopefully save somebody’s life, because when we have an emergency like that, or a mass shooting, the number one cause of death is blood loss, so learning these skills can help somebody in that situation,” explained Decker.

  Decker also stated, “I think it is very important for everybody to know because if you  are anywhere, an emergency can take play you are able to react and possibly save a life.”

   Natalie Ferszt explained, “ I learned that you should get some type of cloth or piece of clothing over a wound and apply pressure to stop the bleeding.”

   Knowing how to control bleeding by applying pressure or putting on a tourniquet are simple life skills that could help save lives in an emergency.