Aaliyah Magni flips her way to competitions across the country

Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff Writer

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  Freshman Aaliyah Magni is a girl who can complete any task one would ask her to complete. Magni is faced with accelerated classes, the Butcher program, a gymnastics regiment, and she is also a varsity cheerleader.

  Magni has been to Las Vegas, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Louisiana, and many more for numerous  gymnastics competitions. In Michigan, Magni has been to Grand Rapids, Novi, and many other places to compete for the state title in her age and division. Magni has won two state championships for the bars and the beams.

  Magni stated that she has been training for gymnastics since she was eight years old.

  Magni stated, “I’ve been the state champion twice and I have won too many to count, honestly.”

  Magni spends up to twenty hours each week at Extreme Gymnastics training for her next big competition.

  Magni stated, “I like being able to do things that others can’t. Being able to do backflips and twists is so rewarding when you look into the crowd and the stands at everyone who is amazed by what I can do.”

   She loves to work hard on new moves and once she finally has them mastered, it’s one of the best feelings ever.

  Magni is also one of the Varsity Cheerleaders for the Lakeview Husky team.

  Magni stated, “The cheer team was a lot of fun, but it also helped my gymnastics too. It helped me become more flexible when it comes to doing backflips, and even making sure I keep my weight balanced on the bars or the beams.”

  Her fellow cheerleaders had some nice words to say about her too.

  Junior Alexis Donald stated, “Aaliyah is one of the funniest people I know. She is always so fun to hang out with and talk too. She has so much potential and so much talent and I’m so excited to see where the future takes her!”

  Senior Megan Wegley stated, “Aaliyah is very fun and very enjoyable to be around. Whatever we told her to do, she could always could do it. We honestly needed someone like her on the team, so she is pretty great.”

  This Friday, Magni has a competition, so wish her good luck.


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Aaliyah Magni flips her way to competitions across the country